Product Quality and Safety

Product Quality and Safety

Atkore is acutely aware of the importance of our products operating safely and reliably. We strive to deliver the highest quality solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Atkore's stringent compliance with codes and standards ensures that the products we manufacture are at or above mandatory quality and safety requirements. Because our products are used in a wide variety of applications, there are many different regulatory criteria, safety standards, and customer expectations that need to be recognized.

Our Codes and Standards team is composed of experts that stay up to date on these standards. They see that regulations are met and that best practices are implemented in our products and manufacturing processes—including with regard to harmful chemicals. This team consistently monitors chemicals of concern and, when changes are made, we take steps to confirm these chemicals are not found in our products. If necessary, we carry out internal expert review or external, independent chemical analysis.

The Director of Industry Affairs and team are responsible for understanding and relaying product safety requirements. Daily oversight of product regulations and requirements is managed by quality and production floor management at each site. Product managers, product engineers, and our sales team are trained regularly on electrical, building, and product safety codes.

Throughout the product development process, we have quality and safety control checks before product launches. If product standards are not met, we implement appropriate corrective actions. In addition to internal audits conducted for self-certified products, Atkore receives external audits for our products at least once a quarter. Atkore also strives to meet third-party certified products.

Beyond meeting applicable quality and safety standards, Atkore also strives to meet third-party certification standards. Products are tested for alignment with safety standards and undergo quarterly inspections so our processes and products maintain their quality. Mechanical products meet third-party certification standards or are manufactured to safety standards and self-certified by our engineers and/or quality department.

Certain Atkore products are listed to UL safety standards, LEED certified, and in compliance with the Living Building Challenge Act. These safety and sustainability attributes enhance the value of our products for our planet and the people who use them.

Quality and Safety