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Kwik Fit Calculator

The calculator below is a tool to show the labor, material, and time savings that can be realized by using either Kwik-Fit® EMT or Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT products instead of traditional EMT with separate couplings.

It is designed to show electrical contractors how the Kwik EMT products can add real value to their jobs by associating the savings to dollars!

The NECA Labor Version uses the labor standards determined by NECA to calculate installation time. The User Defined Version allows you or the contractor to enter the labor units providing a level of flexibility.

The NECA rates were updated in 2014 for the most recent representation. They calculate trade size 1-1/4 thru 4 for both Kwik-Fit® EMT and Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT.

Remember, using factory installed couplings, eliminates the need to purchase, store, handle and install separate couplings. Saving You Time and Money!

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Calculate Your Potential Savings